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$10 Off Uber for New AND Existing Customers with Amex Sync

Like many a millennial, we love Uber. We listed it as one of our favorite travel apps. We like the ease of the app, and the ability to track the car coming to get us in real time, and not to mention the opportunity to get fare quotes in advance, split fares with other passengers, and send your ETA to friends meeting you at a location.

We’ve taken to Uber to get to the airport (though getting out of the airport is a bit more complicated) and we’ve really taken to it for short rides when we’re looking to grab dinner and a drink or two, and don’t want to drive. That actually is where we use Uber the most.

New users are foolish if they don’t take advantage of a promo code on sign up. For example, if you register with our promo code, you get $30, we get $30. Win win. But for already existing users, promos are few and far between. So that’s why we’re pleased to share this great deal with anyone who has any type of American Express credit card.  Continue reading

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21 Inspiring Travel Quotes to Make You Want To Travel Now!

Inspirational Travel Quotes PinterestI’m a sappy person. For those that know me, this should come as no surprise. Even if you don’t know me, you’ve seen my attempt to wax poetic from our Millennial Travel Manifesto to my reflection on turning 31 (an epic birthday year, no matter what you say). And while I make light of it here, the truth of it is actually quite simple: I believe undoubtedly that the goodness in this world is in abundance compared to the bad in this world. I say again: The light is so much more powerful than the darkness, and I believe this to be true with all my heart. And so in a time when it can be tempting to believe otherwise, I thought now might be a great time to share a few of our favorite and most inspiring quotes about travel, from people who can wax poetic much better than Laura or I could ever dream to do! Got a quote to add? Throw it in the comments! Want to be inspired to travel, check out our 21 favorite travel quotes! Continue reading

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Shop Small, Win Big: Using Your American Express on Small Business Saturday

Japan better be worth it. That was my first thought when I saw the news from American Express on Small Business Saturday.

As travelers, we believe in supporting local economies at home and on the road, whenever possible!

You see, Laura and I, between the two of us, have 4 American Express credit cards (don’t judge). What good is Amex? Well, besides some pretty awesome consumer protection and not being accepted at numerous places we visit (especially abroad), there’s a pretty awesome thing they’ve been doing each year since 2010: Small Business Saturday. Turns out, for having 4 Amex credit cards, Laura and I would be eligible for up to $120 of statement credits, just for shopping small. But we’ll be enjoying the finest ramen, mochi and sushi (in that order, we’re on a budget after all) and won’t be in the USA to take advantage of it. But you, you may be in the USA. Want to save up to $30 on each American Express you have?  Continue reading

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