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Wedding Tips and Tricks for Saving Money and Earning Airline and Hotel Points!

It’s our one year wedding anniversary this week and we figured what better way to celebrate than connect with other couples in the midst of our favorite part of wedding planning: Figuring out your honeymoon! And so rightfully so, you’ve turned to Google for a break. You plugged in something about honeymoon and tips and alas, here we are. If you’re a millennial and looking for cool honeymoon ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Part one is the simple tips, tricks, and out of the box ideas to help you on your honeymoon planning. Part two will be posted Sunday and will be the best honeymoon destinations for millennials, based on your personal travel style! So what are the best ways to save some money, earn some points, and do some cool _____ for your honeymoon?  Continue reading

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Celebrating Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Not too long ago, we made a pretty obvious, simple, and yet huge decision. We liked doing a lot of this: Continue reading

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A View From My Office Today

Travel blogging sounds a lot more glamorous than it truly is. It dawned on me the other night, as I sat staring at a scramble of code on my computer screen that had been taunting me for four hours. But it’s not just that things like WordPress, SEO, HTML, and so much more don’t come natural, it’s more complicated than that. Writing, it takes time. More and more, I am learning the art of drafting my work and for any post that makes it on the blog, there are often multiple versions of it dead in my draft folder. But more than anything else, unless you’ve made it your full time gig (I keep floating the words “digital nomad” to Laura on a weekly basis hoping one day she’ll agree) you’re often on the road in short bursts, and writing your posts from the boringness of your living room.

But you do it for the moments like these, when the view from your office changes into this… Continue reading

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