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Two Ways to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions Like The Economist, Time, Sports Illustrated, and More!

I saw this promo flash by several times, and almost did nothing about it.

Spirit Airlines if offering 8,000 Spirit Miles to submit a complaint (or compliment) about them or any airline. You couldn’t pay me to fly Spirit, and keep in mind, I’m pretty damn cheap. But then I came across two posts that changed my mind quickly, and they’ll probably change yours as well! Continue reading

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NEW TSA Rules for Electronics on Flights Bound for U.S.

I remember the first flight I took after the TSA changed their rule on liquids. I had been living abroad, and with limited internet access at that. So I knew NOTHING of this change, it just simply hadn’t landed on my radar. Yes, it was the best of times and the worst of times.

In transit at the Duty Free in South America, I grabbed a bottle of some high end liquor, a bottle I no doubt couldn’t afford. Understand, I was making $60 a month. When you make $60 a month, you determine what is and is not necessary. Haircuts for example, were deemed an unnecessary expense. Continue reading

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Travel Deals and Stories We’re Following

From time to time, we find some really great travel news and blogs and want to share them with you! See below for some of our favorite stories for the week. Have a story you like? Add it to the comments or send us a message!

– Families with young children, it looks like Uber now has your back. In New York, they’ve created UberFamily, which is essentially Uber with car seats!  Continue reading

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Earn up to 8 points per dollar on dining today!

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than earning an absurd 8 points per dollar on any dining purchases today?

With the Chase Sapphire Preferred card you usually get 2x per dollar when dining. But on the first Friday of the month, that goes to 3x! But there’s a way to take your 3x, and turn it to 6-8x. Here’s how.  Continue reading

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