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Month: June 2014

Summer Reading List for the Millennial Traveler

Summer is upon us, and if you’re nerds like us, travel means adventure and new books! We thought we’d put together a list of some of our favorite reads in case you’re looking for a good book on your upcoming travels, to far away places or just to the backyard!

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Get a Free Fandango Movie Ticket With Visa Signature

Remember when movies used to cost about $6? Yeah, like- today. Wait, say what?

If you have a Visa, check if it says “Visa Signature” on it. If so, you’re in luck for a simple but oh so sweet deal.

If your card has a "Visa Signature" logo like the one above, you're eligible for buy one get one free movie tickets on Friday's this summer!

If your card has a “Visa Signature” logo like the one above, you’re eligible for buy one get one free movie tickets on Friday’s this summer!

From now until August 8th, Fandango and Visa have teamed up to provide buy one get one free movie tickets on Friday night to people with a Visa Signature card. All you have to do is go to their website and enter your Visa card number. Then, select the theater and movie you wish to see. When checking out, the first page will show the regular price for two tickets. When you click to the next page, you’ll see the discount applied.  Continue reading

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Why Even Married People Should Travel Alone: A Reflection on Solo Travel

Update: This blog also appears on The Huffington Post and can be read there!

We meet a lot of people on the road. And when we’re really lucky, we manage to meet ourselves.

Relationships, as I was told again and again during my engagement to Laura, change. People change, too, and so we find ourselves having to not only love the person we met, but also the person before us today, and the person who they will be in the years ahead.  Continue reading

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Where in the World is Laura?

Usually we have to play this game with Patrick. It seems like every other week work or some weird travel fare he found has him traveling down to Tijuana or on a flight across the country or to his favorite continent: South America. The best of times of course are when we travel together, like upcoming trips to Mexico, Hungary, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Qatar that are on the horizon. Oh, and Milwaukee too!

But really, where is Laura? You may have noticed as of late that Patrick is writing most of our posts. And the reason is simple: Laura is in the midst of a busy time of year at work, all while trying to balance doing an MBA almost full time on the side.

So for now, we hope you’re enjoying some of the tips we’ve been posting. We’ve got a mix of what we hope are helpful travel tips and moving stories on dock that are currently being edited. And who knows, you might just get to see a rare appearance by Laura as she sneaks away from work and her MBA to write a couple posts for us!

Make sure to sign up to receive updates by email on the right side of the screen, as Facebook and Twitter aren’t always reliable ways to see every post.

God knows both of us can’t wait until she finishes her MBA (let’s not talk about how far off that still is) and she can contribute more regularly to the blog!


Patrick and Laura

Enjoying some time in one of our favorite places to eat and play: Downtown Los Angeles!

Enjoying some time in one of our favorite places to eat and play: Downtown Los Angeles!

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How Much to Tip on a Free Walking Tour

You may have seen them before: Free walking tours. If not, and you’ve got summer plans that include any popular destinations in Europe, you’re about to come across them. And if you’re like us, your first thought is simple: Is this a scam? More or less, the answer is no it’s usually not a scam. But should you go on one of these tours? And if you do go, what’s a fair tip to give?

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How WestJet Airlines Made Father’s Day Truly Special For One Incredible Dad

Some of you may have heard about Canadian airline WestJet when they pulled off an incredible Christmas surprise for some incredibly lucky passengers.

That video went viral and we expect their Father’s Day video will be no different.  Continue reading

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The Best Travel Credit Card and Strategies to Find The Cheapest Flight

There are two questions that, hands down, we get more than any other question from friends and readers:

1. Can you help me find a cheap flight?

2. What’s the best credit card for earning free flights and hotels?

The second question is the bread and butter of the whole traveling cheap game, so we’re getting to that. After, we’ll provide some very simple hints for flight searches.

What’s the best credit card? Like most things in life, that depends. But below are the four that are in our wallet.

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How United Just Made Sure American Airlines Has the Best Frequent Flyer Program- For Now

They’ve done it. Of course, for those of us who follow things such as these, the news from United today is hardly surprising, though nonetheless frustrating. When we started this blog a few months ago, we wrote how Delta was the worst of the worst in terms of the main American carriers for frequent flyers. The miles are hard to spend, and recently Delta made them harder to earn! They moved to what’s called a revenue based earning program, which essentially means the old system of being awarded for the miles you fly is replaced with a new system that rewards you based on the money you spend.

And United is joining the crowd. Starting March 1, 2015, United will reward frequent flyer miles on their airline not based on the mileage you fly, but based on the amount of money you drop on at ticket. Spend more, earn more.

How flyers will earn miles on United and United Express flights starting March 1, 2015

How flyers will earn miles on United and United Express flights starting March 1, 2015

How does this impact you? It hits people who are loyal to United hardest and I think it’s fair to say gives reason to the casual traveler to pick American Airlines (or Alaska Airlines) when considering what loyalty program to focus on when you fly. But let’s give an example of how different things will be with the new systems.

One of our favorite bloggers Summer over at Mommy Points (she has a great blog, check it out!) wrote about the change and gave an example of a recent trip on United, giving us a break down of what she earned and what she would earn in the new program.

On a trip she took that was Houston to Anchorage roundtrip the minimum earned for this is the miles flown: 6,500 miles. Since she is a 1K elite member she earns a 100% bonus on all her trips, so she earned :13,000 miles she can redeem. Not bad at all! What’s better, she got a pretty good deal on her ticket: $400. So what would she earn under the new revenue based system? As a general member, she gets 2,000 miles, NOT 6,500 miles. As a member of the top elite level of United MileagePlus, she will only earn 4,400 miles, NOT 13,000 miles.

Do you have a flight coming up on United? See what you will earn under the old mileage program with this mileage calculator here, and see what you would earn with the new program with their revenue based mileage calculator here

Some final details: Credit cards will still earn points just as they do now, no change. So too will you earn miles on international flights that are operated by partners but not ticketed by United.

So if you look at the biggest frequent flyer programs offered by Delta, United, and American Airlines, American is now the only one that will continue to offer miles based on the miles flown, not the amount of money you spent. For the average traveler who is budget conscious but still wants to earn miles, this is a big deal. American has said they won’t make any changes until they finish their integration with US Airways. So for now, they’re even more clearly our preferred carrier between the big three. Alaska Airlines is a great program and makes it easy to earn miles not just on Alaska but other carriers as well, making them worthy of your consideration. Stay tuned for more updates, but keep your fingers crossed that enough people will utilize American after these changes from United where it will be like Southwest with their “bags fly free” promos: We want to make it where the airline sees a financial incentive in not following the crowd in what is becoming bad business as usual! So if you switch your loyalty to American, make sure to let them know why, on Twitter, in emails, wherever you can!

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Understanding Why The World is Obsessed With Soccer or Futbol!

The World Cup is upon us and Laura and I, along with the majority of the planet, are downright excited for the festivities to get underway! So this week, I recalled the first time I went to a soccer game and began to understand what it’s all about: September of 2006 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Below is my journal entry from that day. We’d love to hear from you. Are you a soccer fan? What was your first experience loving soccer? Who do you think will win the World Cup?

September 2006.

I never imagined my love for Monday Night ¨football¨ could ever survive while I lived in South America. But life has a way of allowing the good things to continue, even if in a completely different way. And so this past Monday I felt like I had fallen off the face of my own reality and into this incredible futbol environment I was witness to in Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

Attending my first professional soccer game in 2006

Attending my first professional soccer game in 2006

My sports fans will appreciate this because I tell you what I saw that night was sport in its purest form.  I paid $4 US and was privy to some of the best seats in the house: lowest level, center pitch (think 50 yard line my American Football fans)sitting on a thin sheet of styrofoam on a thick concrete slab. 

During the game, not a single person that I could see left their seats. There were no food markets selling overpriced items of food, no kids play areas or guys trying to entice you to sign up for a credit card by offering something like a free towel, features so common in American ballparks and stadiums. 

And the game was, intense. But more intense were the fans. Chants that seemed to be known by all but me were sung at the top of everyones lungs. People jumped up and down, danced, and gasped with every shot on goal. There were no eyes looking down, texting away on their phones. No, people came to this stadium on this cold night, for one thing and only one thing: To watch two teams battle it out in the most popular sport in the world. 

I have always loved American football, and will continue to do so, but leaving the stadium that night, walking the jubilant streets of a city celebrating in the success of their heroes, I happened across a park where young kids in tattered and dirty clothes excitedly ran and laughed around a grassless pitch with a lopsided ball, focusing intently on the task at hand: to get that excuse for a ball through what they called a goal, two stones set up only feet apart. It was that night, more than ever, that I could not help but have a moment realizing why it was that futbol, soccer, or whatever you choose to call it is the unifying sport of the world. Americans tend to focus on the Olympics as the biggest world event of them, but consider this: 909.6 million people tuned in at some point to the 2010 World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands. The Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics? Close, but not at World Cup levels: 900 million. 

So long as we live in a world where 75 percent of the population lives in developing nations, an escape from poverty is found in the simple things in life: somewhat flat land, two objects to compose a goal, and anything that passes for a round object and can be kicked.


LMU De Colores Soccer

Preparing for the World Cup on a service and immersion trip to Tijuana, Mexico with Loyola Marymount’s De Colores program!



After I became obsessed with soccer, I picked up a great book that blended my interest in politics, economics, and sports. For a great read during The World Cup, check out How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

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